What should the Excerpt Reader read??

Please help the Excerpt Reader decide what excerpt it should read and review next.

Tell me which book should be next, or suggest a title of your own:

David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest

THE BIG ONE. The BIG Kahuna. You know those HUGE-ASS novels (not to be confused with those BIG-ASS novels that are only 500-700 pages long..) I'm talking about the DOORSTOPPERS.. I mean the ones you buy knowing you'll never finish; let alone get to their middle; let alone get through their first 100 pages; let lone even bother to open them..

I'm talking about Tolstoy's War and Peace; Jonathan Little's The Kindly OnesVictor Hugo's Les Miserables; J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (well, if you're nerdy enough, you did get through that one, and most probably more than once..); Almost any book by Stephen King (again, unless if you're a nerd..)

Well, I bought this one, and I won't ever open it unless you ask me to. And that's a promise!!

John Le Carré's Our Kind of Traitor. His 22nd novel.

He's been keeping espionage-novel addicts busy for nearly half a century and this October he's got another one out. A true celebration for Le Carré's enthusiasts. 

The Excerpt Reader has found itself more than once delving into Le Carré's novels, only to come out a much more paranoid, skeptic individual..

Though most of his greatest novels (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold; Smiley's PeopleA Perfect Spy) have a touch of the autobiographic in them, the Reader's still waiting for that ultimate Autobiography. He might not make it! Le Carré's almost 79..

Frédéric Beigbeder's Un roman français.

It's true what they say.. If you've read one of Beigbeder's novels (say 99 francs; L'Amour Dure Trois Ans (French Edition)) then you've read the whole lot.

And yet, with every one of his novels you find yourself reading, you find out he has a little more to say, after all..

About what, you ask? Well, about nothing much.

Love, sex, money.. The whole enchilada..

Paul-Auster's Sunset Park.

I'd lost faith in Paul Auster a long time ago.. 

Say after reading The Music of Chance and losing interest in it midway..

But I am willing to do the Excerpt's readers the complimentary service of reading this new book's (out November) excerpt and reviewing it here.

Who knows?! It might just make me want to go back to reading him..

Gabriel García Márquez' next novel. Or autobiography. 

Really, anything will do. 

The Excerpt Reader doesn't mean to sound too demanding, but hey, we were promised a "novel of love" in 2008.. and what about two other volumes in his autobiography, Vivir para contarla? So what if he's 83?! We want BEEF! 

Well, that's me for now.

And YES, I know it's only 5 books but hey, if you've found nothing interesting here, you're welcome to leave a comment OR drop me an email at excerpt_reader@yahoo.com.

SO LONG (and thanks for all the fish!)


  1. You are just asking for more confusion, aren't you?
    As for the doorstoppers, if you are lucky enough to fall in love, then what greater joy than a book that goes on and on? try the excerpt and see if it reaches your expertic well-read heart... :))

  2. I'd say try the Infinite Jest, it might be the one I'd pick up...